Hello, welcome to the Point Blank Comics website. I’m so glad you stopped by. Who are we? Well Point Blank Comics is the collaborative brain child of writer Hughie Gibson and artist Jeremiah Ray. Two guys with a love for all things noir. From the oldies like Double Indemnity to the modern or neo-noir like Sin City or Lucky Number Slevin.

At Point Blank Comics we are owner creators of noir graphic novels and comics. This is a new site that will be updated regularly with information on our latest projects and a weekly web comic that will published for free. Check out our Merchandise page where you can pick up Hughie’s novels (he’s wrote a couple) their graphic novels and comic series or if you would like there will soon be t-shirts and other apparel along with stickers and some other fun stuff.

You can find Hughie at his writers page on facebook.

And you can find Jeremiah at his Facebook page.

Find us at our Facebook Here

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